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Setting up your Email

Before you can do anything with your emails, from send to recieve or setup a moblie email app, you first need to log into your emails on a college computer and set the time zone after logging in.

Log onto a college computer and find the icon on the desktop Email Access.

Double click to open


Or go to the OWA address for Franklin https://mail2.franklin.ac.uk/owa/ Compatible browser, nearly all modern one’s work, Chrome, Firefox, Edge.


Log in with your Franklin email address

This should be your firstname.lastname@fanklin.ac.uk, and the password you logged into your computer with.


Next you need to set your language.

London 00:00


Next you need to set your time zone.

(UTC+ 00:00) London


You are all set. If you would like to set your email up on your mobile phone, see one of the below links depending on your phone.