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How to Change your Password

Change your Password from anywhere with our new system, remember it will change your password for all your linked accounts; your Franklin email, One-Drive and Google Drive & Classroom.

It is important to make it something you can remember and not to write it down. It needs to be 8 characters, with CAPITALS, lowercase and a number. Please do NOT use the $, £ or % signs in your password.

How to Reset Your Password Anywhere

Go to https://student.franklin.ac.uk/passwordchange

The page will guide you through changing your password and performs several stages of verification along the way.

Reset Password

It is important you use your Franklin email.

You only need to enter the bit before the @

Reset Password

Enter the Phone number we have file for you.

You must have access to this phone.

Reset Password

Click Check Details.

Reset Password

Enter the verification code we have text you.

Reset Password

Enter a new Password.

Reset Password

Click Change Password.

That is it, your Password should now be changed.


Preventing Login Since 1980.

How to Change your Password in College

Simply log into any computer in college and press.

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Click change a Password.


You should now see the screen shown below.


Enter your old password as required.


Then under it enter your new password twice

It needs to be 8 characters, with CAPITALS, lowercase and a number.

Please do not use the $, £ or % in your password.


Please note this will change your email password, Google Classroom and Office 365 password as well.