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Student Portal

You can gain access to your college documents on the go, via the Student Portal. The Student Portal also gives you access to webmail and student FIS. Remmeber you also have access to Google Drive, Classroom and Office 365.

How to work from home

Working from home might be the dream of most employees, but as student I am sure it is something you would rather not do, but it has to happen. From catching up in the summer holidays or getting a week’s work of home work done at midnight on Sunday, to exam prep work, you will eventually be grateful that we have some options in place for you.

College Document Access

Getting access to your documents is no longer the headache it once was, not that most of you remember the days of dial up and floppy disks!

Go to the Franklin Collge website: https://www.franklin.ac.uk/ : on the right hand bottom of the screen you will see Student, (pictured below) or simply follow this link: https://fr-tshost03.franklin.ac.uk/hap/


You will then see the below page, simply log in with your Franklin Email address and PC password.


You have a few options here for email access outside of college; on your phone with an email app, go to the Student Portal or simply follow this link: https://mail2.franklin.ac.uk/owa/


You can gain access to Student FIS outside of college; go to the Student Portal or simply follow this link: https://student.franklin.ac.uk/


As always we are here to help if you have any questions or issues