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Printer and Credit

To print or not to print, that is the question

All around the college you will find brand new Xerox copiers, after you have sent a print job, scan your ID badge to release the job.

The use of the copiers is free, along with your credit top up at the self service desk at the CILT office. However this is limited to £2 a day!

Let's start with the printers

You will have (2) two printer queues.


You might note, both queues are in an error state, this is normal due to the card release system we use, more on that in a moment!

After you have sent a job to a printer you will see the pop up in the bottom right.


Find one of the eight Xerox Copiers around the college, map below.


Scan your student card on the RF reader on the copier.


Topping up your printer credit

To top up your printer credit, visit us at room 96, and outside the office you will find the top up station.

Again, simply scan your student card on the 'scan here' logo in the window to the right of the office door.


This will add £2 to your account, and can only be done once a day.