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Backups, Backups, Backups

There is no doubt that you have spent countless hours writing, researching, and creating your own content throughout your education. Often this data is saved in only one place, and subsequently is at risk of being lost. The implications of this can be devastating.

Don't Lose it, Save it!

What more can I say, we back up your work, right?! Right if you save it in the right place. Otherwise it up to you. So if you save your work to your user area, we will back it up. If you save it to your C drive, D drive, USB stick, then back it up, in fact, just get in the habit of backing up your data.


    The following tips should be helpful when ensuring you do not lose your valuable information:

  • Internet cloud solutions:
  • There are many useful tools that are efficient, generally free, and readily available. Google Drive offers up to 15 GB of storage on your franklin account. Microsoft OneDrive is another great solution, your franklin account gives you 1000 GB of storage with OneDrive. Apple's iCloud gives you 5 GB free with an account, and makes it easy to upload from different devices.

  • External storage devices:
  • For more storage, consider an external hard drive--now much more inexpensive, and offering terabytes worth of space. These are ideal for long term storage.

  • Compact disc (CD’s):
  • Remember these things, another great and small way to back up data for the long term.