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Low Disk Space

Congratulations, you have done so much work you have filled your allowed user space on the college system.

But let’s ask the question are you out of space or have you got one to many pictures of the cat in your downloads folder?

Making Space

First things first, if you have deleted things but NOT emptied your recycle bin, you have not made any extra space, so let’s empty the recycle bin.

empty bin

Now lets have a look at your disk space, go to My Computer called 'This PC' in windows 10 and to the right you will see your network drive.

If your Network Drive is blue, you are now ok, if it still Red, see the next step.

This PC

Still Red

If your Network drive is still red, we need to look at removing some unneed things, fist have a look at your downloads folder.


Check and remove any old downloaded files or pictures you might that you do not need anymore.

Remember to empty your Recycle Bin again.

In most cases you should now have some space on your network drive


If you still do not have enough space, please come and see the support team and we can adjust your drive size.