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Email Box Full

From time to time you might find your email running out of space, especially if you send large attachments, simply just deleting these from your in box isn’t going to help, as it just moves the file to the deleted items box, and unlike mobile phones, exchange doesn’t auto delete these after 30 days. So below is how to clean out your mail box.

It's not Deleted, till its Deleted


Log into your Franklin emails.

On the right you will have in your name and inbox and sent items, as well as deleted items.

Anything you delete will just sit in this folder, it is still taking up space and won't go anywhere until you empty the folder.


Now the deleted items folder does NOT say how many files are in it, unless they are unread, as above, so I have 7 unread emails and around 40 read, all in deleted items, taking up space.

Right click on Deleted Items.


Then simply click Empty Folder.


Now click ok to actully empty the folder and delete all your deleted items.

Me: I'm very sorry, but my dog ate my homework.

Teacher: Your dog ate your coding assignment?

Me: Well, it took him a couple bytes.