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Slow Log on

At Franklin you can log into any computer or laptop and find your work, because we use a roaming profile. This has great benefits and a couple of set backs when it comes to logging in, if you are not careful to clean up after yourself. So follow the guide below for a faster sign in.

Documents is for Documents!

Your Desk top is not a storage area, and nither is downloads, if you are saving work, save it in Documents, or Pictures, if it is a Picture.

Make sure your desk only has short cuts on it, not all your college work, you can spot a short cut but the little blue arrow.

Short Cut

Be sure to keep your desktop tidy.


Keep your downloads folder clean


The downloads folder is a forgotten folder most of the time, but every time you open an email attachment, view a PDF online, anything like that, it puts it in here, it will fast fill up and slow your log in down.