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Basic Computer Help

Windows 10

There is a lot of different operating systems in the world now. Gone are the days of Windows 95 & DOS, you have Mac iOS, Chrome Books and Linux. So it is not without reason that you might not have used Windows 10 yet, so below is the basic of Windows 10.

Signing out (log off)

Windows 10 has changed the age old log off, for sign out and moved it - click start - then the user logo and sign out - as below.

Sign Out

My Documents

To get to My Documents in Windows 10, now just called Documents - Open up file explorer on the task bar - then on the left side on the new window you will see the quick access menu, simply click my documents.


The Recycle Bin

To keep your profile size down and help college resource, not to mention help speed up your profile load times, remember to empty your Recycle Bin.

To do this locate the Recycle Bin icon on the desk top - right click and click empty Recycle Bin - click ‘Yes’ to delete the files in the Recycle Bin - The Recycle bin will then be empty as below.


USB - Universal Serial Bus

To safely remove a USB stick from windows, click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray, near the clock - click the item you want to remove on the pop-up menu.

Remove Hardware

When you see a pop-up message saying that it’s safe to remove the hardware, you can unplug the device.

Remove Hardware

However, as you have One Drive, Google Drive and your college area, you of course won't be saving your college work to a USB stick, will you?!