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Google Transfer

Google has made transferring your College work to a Personal account a very simple 5 step process, So before you finish college – make sure you copy your work to a Personal account that you will always have access to – or simply make a new one, its free after all.

Transfer Files

If you want to move files from your Franklin account to your personal one, without downloading and re-uploading them, here's what you need to do:

First, it is important for you to be logged in to your Franklin Account. You then need to access the ‘Transfer your content’ page from the following link: https://takeout.google.com/transfer. Following this, you are required to follow a few steps that would guide you through transferring Google Docs from your college Drive to your Personal Google account.

Or follow the guide below

Log into your Franklin Google Account.

click on the 9 dots and click account.

Log in

Before we do anything - we are going to check the Size of your work, Franklin Gives you 5TB of Space, that is 5000 GB, a Personal account Gives you 15GB - So lets check you have enough space.

Under Account click on Storage.


You should now see a screen like the one below - that will tell you how much space you are using, if it is under 15GB then you can transfer everything, if it over, you will need to decide what you do not want.


Back to Transfer Files

As Before and click the 9 dots and then account and this time click the Start Transfer as below, or follow the link: https://takeout.google.com/transfer.


Step 1:Enter your Personal Account

On the screen that is on your front, you are required to enter the email address of your personal account. After tapping on the "Send Code," code will be sent on the account where the data is to be transferred.


Step 2: Verify the Process

Access the personal email account and check the inbox. A verification email will be present there that would lead you to a confirmation code. Tap on “Get Confirmation Code” to direct yourselves to a new window.


Step 3: Copy the code

Copy the code.


Step 4: Use the Code

The code that has been copied is to be used in the “Transfer your content” tab. Paste that code there and tap on “Verify” to propagate.


Step 5: Select Data

You will only be able to select the Google Drive files, as you will not have any Gmail emails on your Franklin account. After selecting, "Start Transfer" And this successfully executes, the data will then transferred to your personal Google Account.