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Connecting to the College Wi-Fi

You can connect all your mobile devices; from your laptop, tablet and phone to the college Wi-fi, it's totally free to all Franklin students.

The Wi-Fi is however filtered for content and monitored, so you have been warned!

On your device go to Wi-Fi settings, select the Wi-Fi called; Student.

No password is required


Click Connect.


You will then see connected, but you are NOT, you must complete the step below!


You must complete this step!

Using a web browser on your device go to:



Enter the logon details you use for the college computers; you are good to go.


Yesterday i named my Wifi ” hack if you can ” Today when i woke up it was changed to “challenge accepted”

Come and see us

Visit the CILT Support team in the Room 96 on just down from the shop on in the main foyer between 08:30—17:00, Monday to Thursday. 08:30—16:00, on Friday